The Upper River

River Ness Oyster CatchersFrom Dochgarroch Weir down as far as Holm Mills the river is surrounded by fields and woodland. The canal runs along the left bank, remaining level as the river falls away downstream. The river and canal are seperated by the tow path and for much of the distance to Holm Mills (about 3.7 miles/6km) the river bank is wooded and not easily accessible everywhere, or even visible from the tow path. This is nevertheless a pleasant and peaceful walk interrupted only by the wildlife, the precious rumble of occaisional tractors and one or two boats passing on the canal.

Just opposite and downstream a bit from Dochgarroch Lock the river bank is more easily accessible for a section, with a path used by fishermen. From here the patient and quiet-tempered can observe the wildlife - pheasants, oystercatchers and various waterfowl are common.

River Ness GrebesThere are two larger islands in the river at this end, a good pair of binoculars are needed here in order to properly observe the avian activity. A bit further downstream various weirs and remains of weirs can be seen in the river.

The main road on the left bank, the A82 is far from the river, more than a mile for a large section and causes no disturbance once Dochgarroch has been left in the distance. On the right bank is the B862, General Wade's Military Road, this is also mostly far from the river but does come within about 70 yards at one point. It is behind trees though and is a quieter road anyway.

Before roaming please have a good look at